Connections Matter

The Conference delivers on its promise to connect us.


The Connecting for Success Conference is a large scale professional development event held annually at the end of June at Assabet Valley Technical HS in Marlboro. This conference is for everyone involved in career/technical education, from administrators, support and maintenance staff to the academic and technical faculty.

Steering Committee

Judith McKinstry - Conference Director

Donna Sroka - Technology Coordinator

Patricia Boyd - Registration Coordinator

Kathy Conole - Pedagogy/Academic/Administrator Coordinator

Maggie Ellis - Presentation and Pre-Conference Coordinator

Deborah Harper - Communications

John Hughes - Facilities/Trade Show

Conference Staff

Kevin Farr, MAVA Executive Director

Peter Dewar, MAVA Asst. Ex. Director

Dave Ferreira, MAVA Communication

Jennifer Appleyard, DESE

Ernie Houle, Assabet Superintendent

Eric Duda - Asst. Superintendent Pathfinder

Don Jarvis, MVA

Larisa Schelkin, Global STEM Classroom

David Swenson, Netlogic Computer

Martha Raphael 

Brian Cummings, MVA President

2020 MAVA Connecting for Success Conference - Targeted Professional  Development for Career and Technical Education

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