The Conference delivers on its promise to connect us.


The Connecting for Success Conference is a large scale professional development event held annually at the end of June at Assabet Valley Technical HS in Marlboro. This year the conference will be virtual. We look forward to working with everyone involved in career/technical education, from administrators, support and maintenance staff to the academic and technical faculty.

Steering Committee
Conference Staff

Peter Dewar, MAVA Interim Executive Director

Dave Ferreira, MAVA Communication

Jennifer Appleyard, DESE

Ernie Houle, Assabet Superintendent

Eric Duda - Asst. Superintendent Pathfinder

Don Jarvis, MVA

Larisa Schelkin, Global STEM Classroom

Rafe Johnson, Netlogic Computer

Brian Cummings, MVA President

Denise Pigeon - Steering Committee Chair

Kelley Fay - Co-Assistant Chair

Gabriela White - Co-Assistant Chair

Donna Sroka - Technology Coordinator

Patricia Boyd - Registration Coordinator

Kathy Conole - Pedagogy/Academic/Administration Coordinator

Vicki Serra- Presentation  Coordinator

Deborah Harper - Marketing Communications/Graphic Design/Advertising

We are here to here to help!

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